Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick November 13, 2021

Posted on Aug 7, 2021

This year I will have a one day Gathering.

I will only allow a maximum 60 attendees so get in early.

Todd Robbins

will be with us this year. his talk will be on hypnosis for the bizarre performer he will also close the the days festivities with

his Haunt Quest seance.

Joshua Kane

Since 1991 Kane has run his own theatrical production company that exclusively produces theatrical, corporate and private events that feature Joshua Kane because, like Shakespeare’s Bottom, he wants to play all the parts. His fascination with the old-time radio dramas of Orson Welles and Vincent Price inspired Kane to reinvent “Theatre of the Mind” for a new generation.

Mary Tomich

will also be with us this November 13, with the debut of Eugene Poinc book ( Journeys Into Black) and a talk on her Journey with the Poinc books.

Enrique Enriquez

The Demon of Analogy,

will explore a concrete look on things, expanded through analogy, as a way toward the common language of all divinatory processes.

(Caracas, 1969) is the author of Tarology, (2011), considered the strangest book ever written about tarot, two interview books: EN TEREX IT & EX ITENT ER (2012), and Linguistick ( 2013), a volume of pataphysical poetry. His ideas are the central theme of TAROLOGY, the Poetics of tarot (2011), an independent feature film directed by Chris Deleo.

Jon Stetson

Jon Stetson is the one Entertainer/Speaker who understands the importance of capturing the Mind share and the Heart share of his audiences.The Stetson Experience is intelligent, interactive, sophisticated fun.  Along with hundreds of corporate appearances, Jon has performed for three U.S. Presidents, The King of Sweden, The Royal Family of Monaco, and has appeared on several major Television Networks.Interjecting uproarious comedy into each program, Jon creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. Stetson blends the art of Mystery with the study of Psychology, the predictability of human nature and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor. The result is slack jawed amazement, where the most skeptical of audience members begin to feel a renewed sense of wonder as impossibilities become realities.Jon Stetson’s engaging programs are packed with audience participation. Imaginations are wowed, stretched and captured, as thoughts are revealed and minds are being read, with Jon’s intriguing  games of mind to mind contact.

for info and registration call Joe Cabral 203 – 910 – 2046

 Registration is Closed

Inner Circle of  Bizarre Magick

New England Gathering of  the Magi

November 13, 2021