Presenters & Performers

In the world of magic there is only one name that is synonymous with the art of levitation – Losander.  World renowned across three continents, Losander has performed his magic in exclusive venues from Europe to Japan and Australia, and is currently performing in the World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas. In 2006, Losander received the Melbourne Christopher Award for Illusionist of the Year and notable contributions to the art of magic

Meir Yedid
Meir Yedid is a multi-award winning magician who has performed and lectured around most of the world, both live and on television. He has created and ublished several hundred magic routines for the magic fraternity. In 1988, he won the S.A.M. Close-Up Magic Championship and in 1997 Meir was voted Magician of the Year by the Society of American Magicians in New York

Tom Crecelius
has been performing magic professionally since 1998.  He has always been amazed and awestruck with magic from the time he saw his first show.  Tom performs at private parties, banquets, stage shows and walk around magic at community festivals and restaurants. He performs weekly at the local Blue River café, where he gives patrons 30 minutes of laughter and amazement.  He and his wife, Katie, also do many Renaissance festivals and events in full costume as Merlin & Nimue’

Artie Kidwell
Artie started doing magic at the age of five when his parents bought him his first magic set and he has never looked back. After a long career in the corporate world, Artie launched himself into his true love; performing magic. He has entertained audiences coast to coast across the United States

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