Presenters & Performers

David London


David London is a storyteller and magician who creates and presents original interactive magical experiences.He has staged six original theatrical magic productions, including Magic Outside The BoxCerebral Sorcery, The Adventure to the Imagi Nation, and …Art of Dreams, and authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, including Daydreams, Borderland State, and Imagining the Imagination. He regularly presents his performances, talks, workshops and seances at theaters, museums, galleries, and festivals across the United States.

In 2018, David will premiere six original live experiences, including The Tricksters, Gateway Time Travel Agency, ILLUMINATION: A Surrealist Garden Party, as well as an exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Maryland entitled Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini. 

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Bruce Barnett

 Bruce Barnett has combined magic and technology for 40 years. Not onlyhas he created several magic-themed discussion groups, including the Electronic Grymoire (in 1992) and the Shadow Network (in 1996 with Brother Shadow), he has also has a lifetime career in computer security, and more recently, has been busy hacking into electronic devices. He is presenting a highly anticipated lecture on creating custom electronics for the mystery performer. This lecture will give those who know nothing about electronics a jump start to creating their own props and effects, and will open their minds onto new creative areas.

Quentin Reynolds

Quentin will share and discuss routines from his professional repertoire. One of magic’s general practitioners, he has made his living working in the areas of stand-up, mentalism, close-up, children’s and family shows (as well as Punch & Judy and Vent). He has a handful of spooky routines as well. When Teller cam to Manchester four years ago, he asked if he could come to one of Quentin’s shows and tweeted afterwards that it was great to see a real pro at work.

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William Warlock

I’ll see you at Midnight

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