About Us

“In Mankind’s early beginnings, it was believed that the Universe was comprised of four Elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Ancient Man innately understood the potency of these Elements, and through them made powerful magick. In our modern world, the knowledge of these Elements has been lost to most, but there are those among us who have continued to carry on this knowledge and nurture the Power,… who recognize that the magickal pathways still wind invisibly where few in this age are willing to tread.

We are The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick… we are the modern Magi… keepers of the Magna Flamma, and we bring forth the mysteries of the past to this mundane world of the present.”

Copyright © 1991 Joe Cabral

Legends of Wizards gathering to share information and perform secret ceremonies have been handed down since the dawn of civilization. We in The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick are continuing these ancient traditions.

Come with Founding member¬†Joe Cabral and all the members for a moment, back to a time when magick was more than tricks, to a time when magicians were respected and feared for the knowledge they possessed,… when the world was new and the Magi were physicians, priests and advisors to kings. Join us in the Circle.

The modern Bizarre Magician is thought of as one of the “New Wave” of Magicians. But the fact is that he (or she) is one in a long line of Magi, dating back to the dawn of time.

Like the great Magi who entertained in the throne rooms of kings, we are once again being called upon to put the mystery & magick back into the lives of our audiences by relaying stories and illustrating them with Miracles. As our audiences walk away from our performances, they should not say things like “How did he get that card in the wallet?” or “Wow, his hands are fast!”… they should leave feeling as if they had witnessed “real magick.”

The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick is a group of magicians that believes magic should be performed not only to entertain, but also to excite & inspire the imagination… doing magick like a “real” magician would/could/should! We are looking for others to join us in this quest: to take magick off the toy shelves and rightfully put it back into the trained hands of the Magi. This is our message to the community… our cry from the darkness of obscurity.

“Active” members (adults only) are initiated in a secret ceremony similar to those practiced by the Ancient Mystery Schools… with robes, candles, secret handshakes, etc., befitting the introduction of a qualified Wizard into a Secret Mystical Society.

The ranks of our over 30 initiated members include those such as Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Brother Shadow, Docc Hilford, Kardor, Jay Scott Berry, Don “Vlad” Deich, Mary Tomich and “The Trinity.” We are very selective in our membership process!

Once a year, I host an “Annual Gathering of The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick,” where we eat drink and do what we do best: MAGICK. The Gathering is not “just another magic convention.” It is a three and sometimes four day feast… a celebration of our Art. All are invited to share their thoughts and experiences. But, if you plan to attend, be warned: We are very serious about our art. We will NOT tolerate either religious bigots or those without any sense of wonder or imagination; that is, those who attend only to seek religious converts or to “show off” the new “move” they’ve learned. Such people should restrict themselves to churches and generic magic clubs, respectively.

Lest you misunderstand us, we are not “satan worshipers” or “demon worshipers”… anyone searching for evil should look elsewhere. We do not “trash” or dispute anyone else’s belief systems. We believe in respect: respect for those who do believe. We are here to learn about the different systems of mystical thought, some of which have been around longer than time itself, and apply these ideas to our presentations of “True Magick.”

Come experience the ICBM Gathering. Talk with ICBM members and you will know the meaning of True Magick.

Founding member

– Joe Cabral